The Washington Post Exposes Electronic Jim Crow to Late.

ByLloyd Hart 10/26/04

The Washington Post has just published an online video showing that the "back door" on the Deibold touchscreen electronic computer voting system is wide open. With nearly one-third of the nation's votes going through these paperless electronic Jim Crow voting systems and the late and ineffective reaction from the Democratic Party one has to wonder how the Democrats will possibly be able to the challenge the theft of the election after the fact and with no paper trail to point to or in fact whether they really want to.

So the corporate media gets on the story and pretends that the alternative media that surfaced story of electronic voting machines and the leaking of the Deibold software package for the touching voting system on to the Internet doesn't exist and that the legal actions that Deibold took against Internet activists didn't happen. But I guess with the Progressive Democrats facing a political extinction they're beginning to realize that they miscalculated the swing vote strategy and that they must now mobilize to challenge albeit too late the theft of the election.

The one area that also needs to be discussed is exactly how and where will the U.S. military be faxing these so-called absentee ballots from. Will they be faxed as they are needed in order to win counties and states on election night after the polls have closed just as they were used in Florida, New Hampshire and Tennessee to tip the balance.

It seems this election is essentially the modern-day continuation of the civil war that came back to life with the Hayes/Tilton dispute that led to the end of Reconstruction, and the beginning of the Jim Crow laws. With the Dixiecrats taking over the Republican Party in the 20th-century it only makes sense the Republican Party and the Republican dominated institutions of the U.S. military, intelligence communities, the Conservative elite dominated energy industries and defense contracting industries and Supreme Court would join together in less messy bloodless coup d'etats in elections so that they could spill all the blood they wanted to between elections.