Fascism, Farm Subsidies and Suicide

By Lloyd Hart

As the fascists in the White House celebrate the success of the tragedy they helped make happen on 9/11 (September 11, 2001) on this day September 11, 2003, Lee Kyung-hae, a Korean farmer (who has been put out of business in Korea by cheap imports from the U.S. Global Economic Dictatorship) lies dead in a hospital morgue in Cancun, Mexico. Where the World Trade Organization (WTO) on a well timed 9/11 schedule is attempting to rob the poor of all that they have left that isn't nailed down. In what was a staged con job (A Press Conference in which the New York times even wrote in as participants, the rock band Coldplay) of so-called developing nations' agricultural ministers, including China's demanding that American and European farm subsidies be removed so that these so-called developing nations can sell their farm products into American and European markets, Lee Kyung-hae had to commit suicide in an attempt to penetrate the ramparts that surround the WTO meetings in Cancun, that symbolize literally and figuratively the fascism in the consciousness of those perpetrating the con job.

It is not the farm subsidies in Europe and America that are hurting farmers in the developing world. It is the U.S. Global Economic Dictatorship that controls all the prime farmland in all the developed and so-called developing nations where a surplus of child labor pics the coffee beans we drink, the lettuce and the bananas we eat. The slave plantations that once existed in the American South were simply transferred to the Global South where the U.S. Global Economic Dictatorship props up dictator after dictator as a means to maintain cheap labor to provide cheap resources, coffee beans, lettuce and bananas etc. into the economic fortresses of Europe and America.

The only solution is not for subsidies in the U.S. and Europe to be lowered or removed but rather trade barriers to be thrown up against multinational agribusiness products. All of the plantations in the Global South must be nationalized and then broken up and distributed to family farmers, reforested where aquifers are endangered and wetlands reestablished that have been turned into livestock watering holes. Food and water should simply not be a part of any global trade deal. Food and water should remain under local sovereignty and out of reach of the global piracy of the U.S. Global Economic Dictatorship. By asking for farm subsidies to be lowered in the U.S. and Europe, the so-called developing nations' agricultural ministers are simply doing the work of the evildoers in the White House in Washington D.C. and participating in the new global fascism (Same as the Old Global Fascism) that the U.S. is foisting on the rest of world in a new and more vicious way at a time, coincidentally, when the globa food and water supplies all around the world are collapsing.

This day is not only the 2nd. anniversary of the attacks of 9/11 in the U.S. but is also the 30th. anniversary of the U.S. assassination of President Allende in Chile and the U.S. installation of General Pinochet whose job was to keep Chilean farm, mining and lumber labor cheap and to murder any opposition to the U.S. policy of open piracy against the poor of the world. Now that we know that Nixon gave the order to Kissinger and Henry Kissinger relayed the order for the assassination of President Salvador Allende the corporate media in America claims that the official story put out by General Pinochet hours after his murder that President Salvador Allende committed suicide is, in 2003, still the most likely case and therefore Henry Kissinger remains at large to commit further crimes against humanity.

30 years after the murder of President Salvador Allende, the corporate media in America claim his murder was a suicide and that the suicide of Lee Kyung-hae in Cancun didn't actually happen because American television didn't covered it.

All the brown people in the global south aren't living in U.S. Global Economic Dictatorship sponsored poverty and starving to death because American television didn't cover it.

The Air National Guard didn't stand down on September 11, 2001 because American television didn't cover it.


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