Senator John Kerry and the Democrats are Peeing in their Pants Cowards

By Lloyd Hart

Now that campaigning to the far right has failed to get a rise out of the American public all my Democratic Party friends are running around bumping into each other in fear and loathing realizing that the Democratic leadership Council and its lead poisoned leader Al From - who is cowering inside the pup tent he pitched inside the Big Tent to perform by pass surgery on Bill Clinton's heart (which is so full of saturated fat it really does need bypass surgery) so that Clinton could sign the child poverty creating Welfare Reform Act - has led Senator John Kerry down a rabbit hole.

It just so happens that John Kerry is a member of the Democratic Leadership Council which over the years has attempted to shut out progressive politics from having any effect on the official direction of the Democratic Party and in particular in the '90s from allowing Bill Clinton and elected dems from having any contact with their conscience.

One of the few times that I actually got something done in Washington, D.C. during Bill Clinton's reign of confusion was only because I was delivering the threat of a lawsuit being brought by David Frankel, Woody Harrelson's lawyer, a lawsuit also financially backed by Woody Harrelson, against the Government of Bill Clinton in an election-year.

You see, four-star general Barry McCaffrey, the drug czar Bill Clinton appointed, in some lead poisoned delusion thought he had to put a stop to the American public having access to Hemp food and cosmetics. McCaffrey decided to bust a couple truckloads of hempseed headed to American bird seed companies because as it turns out hempseed is hands down most birds' favorite seed to peck out of bird feeders all across America. Not because of any THC content but because of surprizingly high levels of essential fatty acids and highly digestable protein.

I was accompanied to Washington by not only David Frankel's and Woody Harrelson's lawsuit but by Eric Lineback and Eric Steenstra of the Hemp Industries Association. We met with high-level aides to Senator Kerry and Senator Kennedy as I live in Massachusetts and am connected to both senators. Senator Kerry and Senator Kennedy's people tried to talk us into a National Academy of Sciences study as opposed to a lawsuit but I was adamant that the lawsuit would be filed within a couple weeks in federal court unless the Clinton administration did something.

I can't say for sure that the threat of a Hemp lawsuit in the middle of an election year did it but I can tell you that within two weeks after our visit to the halls of power in Washington D.C. the then Attorney General Janet Reno sent General Barry McCaffrey a letter ordering him to cease and desist from any further investigations and seizures of industrial hemp products in America.

The Great Lie

With the corporate media producing polling data showing the election thief George Bush eleven points ahead in the polls before Bush gave his speech at the Republican National Convention in what looks like a vast conspiracy coming from everywhere on the right including the U.S. military with their fax and e-mail absentee ballot scam to steal the election this fall - the Democrats have chosen the cowards way out. To campaign for the not so lead poisoned but still lead poisoned undecided so-called swing voters.

Let's see what have we gotten since the Democrats started focusing on the undecided swing voters instead of the majority of Americans that have walked away from the system.

1. The reinstatement of the death penalty. In other words swing voters still don't like to see black and Hispanic males in the streets of White America. So when they get caught walking while black or Hispanic on the streets of America they should be scooped up and used as Crime solvers and given the death penalty to placate happy happy White America.

2. Green Washing. Swing voters love Green Washing, it makes the feel like they can trust large corperations again, you know, like they use to, in the fifties. Ever since the connections were made in the American public's mind between cancer as well as other diseases and industrial and military chemical pollution of the environment in the 1960's culminating in the Clean Water Act which created the Environmental Protection Agency being signed into law in the early 1970's there has been a steady decline through the '70s '80s and '90s of Democratic Party activism to maintain public awareness of the cancer connection and in fact the Democratic Party has simply paid lip service to the environmental movement while signing agreements like NAFTA which have radically increased pollution in the U.S. Canada and Mexico. Major corporations lied through their teeth in 1990's about how they were being responsible environmental citizens while at the same time deforestation and pollution of the environment radically increased. Bill Clinton himself practically sold Big Mountain to Peabody Coal. Big Mountain was on the Navajo reservation but Peabody Coal got to the Apples running the Hopi reservation and now thanks to Bill Clinton and the Democrats that ratified the Western Forests agreement Big Mountain belongs to Peabody Coal. While the Dems know about the collapse of the global food and fresh water supply they seem to be joining with the strategy of the fascists in power.

3. Less Health Care. Swing voters don't like the idea of sharing a medical examination room with the uninsured unwashed masses. In the election of 1992 both Bill Clinton and the Democrats swore up and down a stack of bibles they were going to provide universal health care to the tens of millions of Americans going without. From a promise that was central to Bill Clinton's election platform to the spring of 1994 where Bill Clinton gave up after not really putting up much of a fight to begin with. the amount of Americans now without health care has radically increased.

4. The War on the Youth, I mean the War on Drugs. Swing voters do not like their own children. Never has there been a generation more harassed, incarcerated and ruined by a bad policy that simply just turned out to be a government subsidy to keep the streetprice of illegal drugs as high as possible. Bill Clinton and the Democrats oversaw the most radical increases in youth incarceration for nonviolent petty drug crimes in the nation's history all because they were to cowardice to take a principled stand against a $20 billion a year machine bent on the destruction of America's youth by a generation of swing voting control freaks who couldn't handle their own children exploring their youth just as they themselves had in the 1960's and 70's. Is it any wonder that today the youth of America can't tell the difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

5. Military Fascism. Swing voters love the idea of bombing the crap out of the world's poor because the poor nations don't know how to handle their own resourses. America does. With U.S. military joined at the hip with America's radical right wing, elections in America are no longer free nor are they fair. Military spending is going to through the roof in order to subsidize the right wing's monolithic investment portfolio - domination of the world's global oil supply. When we subsidize economic fascism with our sons and daughters lives on the battlefield we are allowing the military economic fascists that have taken over America to succeed and intrench.

Fuck the Swing Voter

Have you talked to a swing voter? Well I have, they represent about 18% of those who still vote regularly and all they care about is themselves and their paychecks which is why Bill Clinton said "It's the economy stupid". It's real obvious to me looking at John Kerry's positions on the war in Iraq and domestic policies that he too has spoken to the undecided swing voters and only swing voters and shaped his campaign strictly for them instead of the 100 million disgruntled disenfranchised eligible nonvoters that would probably vote if there was some sign of enlightened politics coming from inside Democratic Party. As adolescent and narcissistic the position nonvoters have taken politicians have to face up to the fact that American politics is a "What's in it for me?" game. There is nothing in politics for the majority of Americans because the Dems won't allow it on the ballot.

Well I say fuck the swing voter. Fuck the squeaky wheel gets the grease politics. If John Kerry, John Edwards and the Democrats want to win the House, the Senate and the White House and really want to help Americans with enlightened social and environmental policy then they need to file a lawsuit to remove the electronic voting machines from the election and to prevent military e-mail and fax absentee ballot voting.

The Democrats must also stop this adolescent and criminal attack on Ralph Nader's campaign to get on the ballot using corrupt Democratic election officials to disqualify legitimate ballot petition signatures. No matter what Senator John Kerry attempts to do to allay the growing criticism of Democrats who are assaulting democracy in America by criminally twisting the system against Nader the responsibility for these actions will inevitably fall at John Kerry's feet. It makes you look like a punk John.

But the most important step that Democrats must take if they want to win this fall's election is read Ralph Nader's book "The Good fight" and adopt Ralph Nader's platform as they're own and actually campaign on it. Otherwise kids get ready for full fascism.