Secret Monsanto GM Study Exposes Health Effects

By Lloyd Hart - 05/22/05

It has been revealed today by the U.K. newspaper the Independent that a secret Monsanto study shows unquestionable health effects as a result of rats being fed genetically modified food. The study if fully released could vindicate an earlier study by a Dr Pusztai who's career was a effectively destroyed by an orchestrated plan to discredit Dr Pusztai hatched in British Prime Minister Tony Blair's cabinet in much the same way the plan to lie to the British public led to war in Iraq. Do we see a pattern here.

It isn't any surprise that a company like Monsanto would lie and suppress evidence concerning one of its products. Monsanto has spent the last 50 years lying to the American public and the world concerning the health effects of the active ingredient dioxin contained in 24-d a defoliant used for many years by farmers who unknowingly poisoned themselves their families the soil and drinking water causing widespread health effects, cancer and death as a result.

Is important to be reminded that the active ingredient in another Monsanto product Agent Orange was also dioxin. Monsanto and the U.S. government lied about the effects of Agent Orange on returning Vietnam veterans, the environment in Vietnam and lastly the people that suffered most the Vietnamese.

Monsanto denials after decades of lies concerning the health and deaths of countless of people around the world should have absolutely no credibility in what could be the final fight to protect food as open source from what is steadily becoming patented private property through unsafe unregulated genetic modification.

It is important for all activists who are fighting against the proliferation of genetically modified foods that they use the facts before them as the tools that that will inevitably convinced the general public to prevent food and food source medicine from becoming wholly owned by transnational corporations.

Genetically Modified Corn Study Reveals
Health Damage and Cover-up
By Jeffrey M. Smith, author of Seeds of Deception