Christianist Death Cult Destroys Global Environment

By Lloyd Hart

What I want to know is who came up with the term Islamist and then in uniform cult like distribution had the corporate media all adopt the word at same time to describe the main targets of the war on terrorism oil rich nations with Muslim majorities. It's like everything that spews forth from the corporate media is designed to piss off Muslims. Taking the word Islam and making it into a derogatory word to describe psychotic, violent, out of control individuals is the work of nine year olds and extraordinarily insulting to the 99.9% of Muslims who live their lives in peace and might add in greater environmental harmony than the western environmental terrorists, the transnational corporations who own and operate all western governments and the global economy that they drive with oil.

This does however follow a pattern of blaming the targeted enemy with the very crime these Western powers are committing themselves but let's try an experiment. Let's turn the tables for a moment.

Imagine if you would a death cult called the Christianists who through their estranged relations with the natural world led them to destroy in a terrible convulsion of violence all of their knowledge and wisdom that once allowed them to live in harmony with nature. These Christianists then stole ideas from other civilizations mostly to do with weapons which they then claimed as their own and through their terrible isolated mental illness mutated these ideas under their new philosophy they dreamt up that stated man had dominion over Earth.

The Christianists then developed all their technology to be diametrically opposed to the nature of things on planet earth subjugating all creatures, plants, animals and women to be beneath man and therefore in need of correction. They then popularized a new section of their death cult philosophy, the Book of Revelations which simply poured gasoline on an already terrible and out of control fire of violence and destruction. Because they claimed that there Messiah told them to spread the word of their God they then went out to into the world with a bad attitude of superiority. But because of resistance to except the word of their God the Christianist philosophy mutated again. This led them to the creation of a skin color caste system of slavery and economic dominance of the world that they secured through murder and mayhem on a scale never seen by humanity prior. The Christianist sponsored genocide against all those of skin color finally led to the greatest insult against nature, nuclear power, the atomic bomb and the use of the atomic bomb in a war to subjugate all of Asia in the economic servitude of Christianist fascism.

But then the Christianists hit a brick wall. In their zeal to dominate the world they destroyed all the forests in which people, plants and other animals lived causing the collapse of the Global fresh water supply which led to mass starvation, war and the destruction of the rest of life on planet earth through self-fulfilling prophecy a terrible collective mental illness that they could not cure themselves of in time to save themselves and the planet.

Well, how about them apples? It's always amazed me how much the Western powers delude themselves about their superiority when they practice the lowest forms of human behavior that they take to all new lows every day.