We're All Black Now!

By Lloyd & Namiko Hart - 01/08/05

Now that Electronic Jim-Crow has officially stolen the 2004 presidential and congressional elections it can be officially declared that the South has finally won the civil war. It took a 150 years for the proslavery, segregationist, white supremacist movement in America to accomplish the task but they finally did it.

With the entrenchment of the Right wing sponsored unverifiable touchscreen electronic voting system as well as with the Trident, Diebold and E&SS controlled optical scanner and punch card electronic counting systems primarily in the southern states, but not exluding Ohio, the Dixiecrats' that split from the Democratic Party when the Democratic Party went pro civil rights and that took over the Republican Party can finally claim victory in the civil war that really began in the American Revolution when rich propertied slave owning white men chose not to include the freeing of the black slave and not granting the vote to women in that so-called revolution.

Yes, we're all black now. Disenfranchised from the electoral process in America and soon to be purged from public life altogether. The great irony is that rich propertied white men in the U.S. Senate got to vote on January 6, 2005 to not only hand the South and it's white supremacist leadership the victory in the civil war but also provide them with a well organized fascist dictatorship as the crowning achievement of the complete and total subversion of American democracy.

America has come full circle from resisting to finally accepting the madness of King George. When the war criminal George Walker Bush is sworn in on January 20th. 2005 American democracy will be replaced by lineage despotism.

In the coming years we will see the slow but sure process, a kind of final solution purge of our entire society of any enlightened thinking whatsoever. And of course the first target the right wing has chosen is Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and her fund-raising apparatus. Not that I'm a great Senator Clinton fan but it is an important object lesson that the right wing view centrists like Clinton as a threat to preventing them from for instance, raiding the Social Security Trust Fund to bailout the drunken cocaine snorting capitalists on Wall Street and in conglomerate banking that have squandered away a perfectly healthy technological revolution in the stock market in exchange for total petroleum supremacy worldwide. In other words Congress by indictment.

I do have hand it to those Democrats (Even though it was Democrats lack of resistance to the right wing that put us where we are today) who did stand up and object to the electoral votes from Ohio in the congress for the simple fact that they provided very useful videotape to uncensored media outlets outside the United States that now get to back up all of their U.S. election theft investigative reporting with actual elected leaders in the Senate and House documenting how the election was stolen by George W. Bush and the criminal regime of which he is the titular though lead poisoned head. The international community are important to our struggle here in the U.S. for they provide important needed resistance to the "Crazy Nuclear Armed American" image the right wing love to put out there.

"How can America promote democracy abroad when it has none on it's own shores!"

The way forward.

When you have no electoral option left to you the only way forward for enlightened thinking Americans is massive non-violent civil disobedience in absolute noncooperation with the destruction of the social and environmental contract that was under construction by the American public however meager it was.

The American public must go out into the public streets, sit down and blocked traffic and chant "No elections? No Peace!"

The American public must also join the Peace Movement in America and around the world in non-violent civil disobedience demanding an end to the very reason the elections were stolen in the first place, WAR.

In doing so the American public can repair the damage that 200 years of Yankee imperialism has caused to the world and begin the process of bringing the social and environmental ideals of the American middle-class to the rest of the world through negotiation, discussion, compassion and the universal love that binds all of humanity to all life on this planet.

Yes we're all black now!