Why the Afghan Election Has No Credibility.

Lloyd Hart

The Afghan election has no credibility for the simple fact that instead of counting the ballots at the precincts where the Afghan people voted the organizers of the election - the U.S. government - decided to do what they did in the Batista election in Cuba prior to the Cuban revolution. They decided to move the ballot boxes to Kabul citing the need for secure counting.

It is an international norm that ballots are to be counted in the polling precincts where any given population voted. At the beginning of the voting process all the observers and the election workers must observe that the ballot boxes are empty. The ballot boxes are not to be moved from the room where the voting takes place. The voting and the ballot counting are to take place in that same room with independent observers and observers from every party involved in the election, counting all those that voted during the election day or days and then all watching and keeping a seperate count while the election workers count the ballots at the end of the process. When the election workers finish counting the ballots they then turn to the observers to confirm the count with all the observers from all parties and the independent observers own tabulations and then and only then do they report of the vote count to a central tablature which the observers can then later confirm independently.

This process can be repeated several times if there are different observer tabulations.

This of course is not what happened in Afghanistan because there is simply no way Hamid Karzai could've won the election otherwise and of course it only makes sense that the very culture in America that backed the stuffing of the ballot boxes and the central counting of those ballots in Cuba in order to ensure Batista's control of the government is the same culture that has organized the Afghan elections.

When you look closer at how the election rules were created for Afghanistan you find the Bush regime determining almost every aspect of those rules.

The central counting of ballots in any election is always the first sign of a central authority attempting to manipulate the ballot box. Any international elections observer will tell you this. Which in America, the great irony of ballots being counted in the central offices of the county - which are essentially political offices as county commissioners and election officials must be elected - can only lead to a political process in the ballot count and the handling of voter registration.

It is also very interesting that as the corrupt process of central ballot counting here in America that has now gone electronic, paperless into the computer age that the central tabulation in the touchscreen computerized voting system would follow the same insecure path along data transfer lines as a truck full of paper ballots in so-called sealed ballot boxes bumping down a dirt road into Kabul or as they once did into Havana.