America is the Ultimate Failed State.

By Lloyd Hart

After knocking down most of its forests, paving over its wetlands, polluting what water it has left and making all urban environments only habitable with what has become an accepted level of collateral damage in terms of illness and death caused by environmental pollution which has set off a domino effect of ill health down through the generations exposed, America has become like a caged animal not willing to face its own condition but yet completely willing to lash out violently at the World around it.

>From top to bottom, from the ultra wealthy suburbs and penthouses to the segregated ghettos America is a failed experiment of the so-called enlightenment of Western thinking. The idea that everything that man does is part of the natural evolution of life on this planet and therefore good in all its parts is coming to a crashing halt. Within this decade America will longer be able to supply its own basic food needs and will in fact end it's own farm subsidies so it can unleash an all new wave land grabbing from its transnational agricultural corporations ADM, Cargill, Monsanto etc. on the unsuspecting and deeply World Bank indebted so-called developing nations so that America will not only maintain control of the world food commodity prices but will as usual feed America first while all others starve.

At this moment America grows most of its food in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Utah, Nebraska, Kansas, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Montana and the Dakotas. The one thing all of these states have in common is that they are draining the Central Plains aquifer through agricultural irrigation and chemical farming that have produced aggressive yields but an aquifer that won't last out the decade. With this failure of the central plains aquifer will come the failure of the great Western American cities which are draining every scrap of water out of the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains leaving all the western forests, grasslands and desert brush vulnerable to a record numbers of tragic wildfires and never before seen insect infestations laying waste to vidal moisture holding forests.

The collapse of America's water supply and thus its food supply is a fact that is not lost on the ruling elites. As I have written many times in the past this food and water crisis looming over America would explain why the conservative elites stole the election in 2000, at best turned a jaundiced blind eye too overwhelming pre knowledge of the attacks that occurred on September 11th. 2001 (At worst having a direct hand in the attacks themselves) and the going to Oil war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The U.S. has built a military infrastructure almost completely and 100% dependent on the access to reliable oil supplies in order for it to function. So it only makes sense that when a state has failed as badly as America has, by laying waste to its own environment and that at a time when it's own oil supplies are in recession and considering America's ruling class delusion that it has a Manifest Destiny right to rule the world and the pattern of America's behavior since its formation, the genocide of 30 million Native Americans the enslavement to of hundreds of thousands of Africans, of bringing war to every corner of the world to eventually, secretly and quietly supporting the Fascist regime of Adolf Hitler - it only makes sense it would lash out violently at the world around it in order to take control of other people's oil supplies in a grand plan to ensure that America eats first.

And of course after that it will be "If you want to eat to sit close to the master's table".

The Western ideological philosophy that has failed America has failed the world. It has pressed private property rights over the sanctity of all of nature's creatures and of the air and water. It has deeded and deforested land that never belong to it and a has subjugated people into an economic lifestyle that has ground generation after generation into burned out shells. In it's complete abdication of its responsibility to the world's population and life on this planet America as a failed state has turned even more violently against not only the world's poor but is aggressively turning against its own people who might stand in the way of it's madman's gambit.

Just as Hitler used the burning of the Reichstag in order to silence all opposition to fascist Nazi madness so too has the Bush regime used the events of September 11, 2001 to silence opposition to what can only be described as a modern-day version of what lurks behind the face of the Bush regime, fascism.

The anthrax forced Patriot Act, Homeland Security, the War of Terror and the radical increase of defense spending without regard to the central underpinnings of America's own economy along with the radical movement of American corporations offshore setting up slave shops and consolidating economic control in the so-called developing nations (Where the Water is) all designed to weaken the American workforce placing all Americans including the largest generation in the history of America to come of age in a very precarious and vulnerable position ripe for military picking and the continued denial of the American public's free-speech rights and rights to assemble and the corporate owned media acting as the Bush regime's self appointed sensor can only lead one to conclude that America's leadership has chosen fascism over democracy.

Fascism over democracy one last time in order to stay in some form of psychotic control over self-inflicted failure that cost 2700 Americans there lives, tens of thousands of Afghans their lives, and tens of thousands of Iraqis their lives not to mention a half million Iraqi children that died under U.S. imposed sanctions in the '90s.

On this day September 11, 2004 is much easier to see how this fascist movement barrelled over the American people and is indeed about to steal another election in order to keep entrenching the "New World Order" but it does not mean that the American people are forgiven their complacency while their democracy is stolen from them and their constitution is shredded before their eyes.

On this day September 11, 2004 it is imperative that the American people do not allow another election to be stolen. And as the Democratic Party leadership is to cowardice to challenge the electronic voting machines and the military on line an absentee faux ballot scam the conservative elites have put in place, the American public must demand a paper ballot from every county to be available at every polling precinct in the nation.

The only proper way to remember those that died on September 11th 2001 is to remove the regime that blatantly allowed the attacks to occur and that regime is the Bush regime. However this single act of removing the Bush regime is only the beginning of what must be a housecleaning throughout America of those that would use their wealth and power to send America spinning off into war simply to consolidate further wealth and power. Especially when that wealth and power is no longer in the interest of the American people, the people of the world and all life on this planet.

My thoughts are with the living for we are still suffering.