Wesley Clark? Clinton's Wrecking Ball!

By Lloyd Hart  

There's absolutely no possible way General Wesley Clark can unite the Democratic big tent while operating out of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) pup tent that Bill Clinton pitched with his presidency and win the election for the simple fact that this man used the Powell doctrine on Kosovo.  The progressives will walk from the Democratic Party in 2004 just to kill the infection of military fascism the DLC has caved to.  

The Powell doctrine is a cowards war.  A war in which the radically advantaged American Air Force and air power in general including cruise missiles is used to devastate a completely and publicly demonized enemy population so that the cowards in the Pentagon don't have to risk the kind of casualties that were accrued in the Vietnam War or for that matter past successful  U.N. peacekeeping operations.  The cowards in the Pentagon and the White House have not wanted to risk a backlash from the American public whose children might die in a full frontal war.  But in using the Powell doctrine in Kosovo General Wesley Clark as supreme commander of NATO forces dumped tons of depleted uranium ordinance into Kosovo creating widespread sickness as a result of the contamination caused by the ignition of the ordnance on the impact of its target. Not to mention the so-called collateral damage of civilian deaths that occurred as result of the cowards indiscriminately bombing anything that moved.  General Wesley Clark's supporters are already touting Kosovo as a great success with not one American casualty, a testament to both Bill Clinton's and Wesley Clark's genius.  And of course, a well orchestrated lie which will produce the desired results thanks to the corporate media and a compliant NPR. 

The U.S. military's own description of what happens when a depleted uranium shell hits an enemy tank tells the truth that is hidden by the militaries comments "depleted uranium means just that, it's harmless".  The reason that depleted uranium is used is for the simple fact that when the ordinance has hit its target and ignites a minor fission reaction occurs aiding the ordinances penetration of enemy armor releasing at the very least radon gas, proven to be a killer of tens thousands of uranium miners throughout the nuclear madness that has opened up on the world. 

There's no doubt in my mind that Milosevic was an out-of-control violent dictator however Kosovo should have been a U.N. operation with tens thousands of trained peace keeping troops and tanks mobilizing across the border confronting the Serbian thugs in a Kosovo with such overwhelming force armed with explicit publicized orders to fire when fired on.  But because Clinton allowed the right wing to win Congress as a result of his cowardice to push through universal health-care coverage for all Americans and after Clinton ignored the slaughter in Bosnia leaving Europe in frozen paralysis without leadership for the first time since the U.S. savagely took over the European economy using World War II and Hitler to do so. Because Clinton knew nothing about leadership, the Joint Chiefs of Staff took control of NATO and dictated terms to a Europe (that the U.S. after1939, never allowed to determine its own destiny) on exactly how Kosovo would be dealt with.  In other words all the psychotic cold warriors who turned down Khrushchev's 1954 appeal to ratchet down the Cold War wanted to drop bombs at the doorstep of what they viewed as a defeated Soviet Union ( The real enemy at the U.S. was fighting in World War II along with the Jews) just to rub it in.  Simply put the U.S. allowed Bosnia to fester while at the same time neutering the U.N..  Strangulated psychotic self-interest, you now the Nixon-Kissinger doctrine or the Kissinger-Nixon doctrine, whichever. 

Had overwhelming force advanceed across the border into Kosovo the Serbs would have turned tail and run but America is a coward and General Wesley Clark was it's Supreme Commanding Coward.  In fact I believe that General Wesley Clark is Bill Clinton's wrecking ball to destroy the work of the progressives in the Democratic Party in this primary election season and in this field of candidates so that Bush can have his second term and the DLC can put up their candidate in 2008, Senator Hillary Clinton.  Can you say status quo. 

Bill Clinton was a "miserable failure" as president when it came to delivering his promises to his constituents and led the Democratic Party into "the political wilderness", losing House, the Senate and then the presidency by not prosecuting the ethnic cleansing of the voter list of the African-Americans on that list in election 2000, a federally indictable crime commited by Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris who both should be in jail right now. The 2000 Supreme Court would have never taken Bush v. Gore up had Clinton any courage at all. Whereas George Bush has done a completely successful job for his constituents.  Clinton's constituents are suffering greater child poverty thanks to welfare reform and the Bush crooks are getting wealthier and more powerful and more fascist every day.  It is no longer a time for candidates on the left to resemble those on the right.  It is time for progressive candidates and a Progressive agenda in order to deal with the global social and environmental crisis. 

The de-constructing of Governor Dean.

In order to earn the delaying tactics from the Bush crime syndicate in the House and Senate and a veto from the Bush regime of the nepotistically produced Federal Communications rules (that give the corporate media grotesque monopolistic control of the nation's media advertising dollars and thus the truth) brought to us by Colin Powell's son, Michael Powell who Bush appointed as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. The corporate media allowed Governor Dean immense amounts of positive media coverage in the set up in which the corporate media plans to knock Governor Dean down to the corporate media's predetermined size, setting up a right wing democratic candidate to lose against Bush.  At the 40th anniversary of the March On Washington, I told Dean straight to his face that this is exactly what the corporate media was planning for him and that he had better give Free Speech TV an interview after his campaign stonewalled me at the Take Back America conference in April.  Over the last week there has been a shift in the Dean coverage by the corporate media.  An op-ed piece in New York Times by Bob Herbert, just as an example pointed out a lawsuit that showcases widespread pollution from the IBM Semiconductor and chip plant in the suburbs of Burlington, Vermont as causing birth defects and illness.  This tactic of using the truth from in and out of context to de-construct a candidate was used very effectively against Gov. Dukakis when Vice-President George Bush pointed out the grotesquely polluted Boston Harbor in Massachusetts and of course through the Willie Horton ad.  But this just goes to show the level of political adolescence running around behind-the-scenes in the Democratic Party and how some corrupt Democrats take advantage of it. 

It is however important to understand that Governor Dean is a new comer, with his anti-war stance, to the progressive message.  For if you examine Governor Dean's record in Vermont you will find primarily, a so-called centrist approach toward corporate pollution and corporate logging practices.  Plenty of fodder for the corporate media to throw around.  Add to this of course the old adage of "accuse your enemies of exactly what it is you are up to yourself".

The overwhelming power of any party belongs to its members and the issues those members bring to the table as well as how they promote those issues to the public.  And as I have said before, the Democratic Party is not a presidential party.  The Democratic Party is not a king maker like the Republican Party.  It is a congressional party because the Democratic Party has traditionally focused on issues and legislation related to issues in order to keep the general public reasonably satisfied. But to cut intelligence and military budgets as well as the dumping of the tax cuts in order to create the kind of security that only sharing the wealth with our brothers and sisters all around the world can provide.  The Democratic Party must experience a revolution from within and without its ranks or otherwise suffer the fate of never returning from the "political wilderness" the DLC has led us to.  But progressives themselves must also show the courage of someone laying their life on the line in order to make the change required and not hide behind what was accomplished in the past and not hide behind so-called reputations and the fear of public exposure through the lens of the corporate media.  After all, the corporate media has made itself irrelevant to the American political process by falling in line with the Bush regime.   Progressives especially the wealthy ones must find and use alternatives media outlets in America in order to get the progressive message out.  So far I have not seen any serious coalition building from progressives within the Democratic Party in the form of funding and activism with America's struggling alternative media.  All that I see is the coopting of the progressive left-wing message in order to maintain the status quo.  Like George Soros attempted to coopt the anti-drug war movement in America in Election 2000 with his pal Arianna Huffington and as he is now doing with Act (Americans Coming Together) a sophomoric approach to voter registration and getting out the vote. 

I would like to remind all of you so-called progressives out there that the last time the Patriot Act and Homeland Security were passed into law the first questions that were asked were "Who is the jew" "Who is the socialist" "Who is the Communist" "Who is the homosexual"etc.. So don't wait too long before you decide to lay it on the line. For the creeping fascism of the last 200 years in America has jumped into a sprinting pace in which so-called liberals are betraying everyone to the left of them. You know, if you want to eat you must sit close to the master's table.

Those that read this article please go to my web site and take a look at the list of alternative media sites there are in existence in America that you can get involved with.  Give these websites and alternative media outlets the funding they need so that the message of the enlightened Americans can reach the News Starved American public.  Do not let this election go by without at least taking a stab at outdoing the corruption that has taken over completely the corporate media.  Thank you.