I Cannot Support the Troops.

An open letter to all active duty U.S. Military personal.

By Lloyd Hart 03/06/05

Because, to support the troops I would have to support war criminals. Every soldier in Iraq and throughout the U.S. military infrastructure that continues to follow orders that support the invasion and the continued occupation of Iraq are directly or indirectly complicit in a war crime. The members of the U.S. military have had more than enough time to study the illegality of the actions that they are involved in, in Iraq. They cannot plead ignorance of the law nor of any of the criminal actions committed by superior officers or for that matter those of the Commander in Chief who set this act of genocide, this war crime in motion.

In case you are a soldier who is reading this and is unaware of the International War Crime you are committing, it is very clear in international law that I might add the U.S. helped to write and has officially endorsed, that no nation may invade another nation without clear provocation. In the case of Iraq there was absolutely no provocation, and no threat whatsoever to the United States of America being posed by an already destroyed and sanction weakened nation that could not even defend itself let alone launch an attack on the United States of America.

In your individual case, the Nuremberg trials after World War II made it very clear that you could no longer use the excuse that you were just following orders and therefore attempt to shuffle the total responsibility up the ranks. In other words you the soldier made the act of genocide, the war crime you are committing in Iraq possible by following the order without question that came down from the commander in chief, the president of the United States. More clearly, it is you the soldier who has enabled your government to go to war for an obviously corrupt reason, oil.

It is you the soldier that is ultimately responsible for following orders with the obvious criminal intent of the commander-in-chief, the president of the United States displayed in broad daylight for all see even prior to the illegal invasion of Iraq.

Even when you hold up weapons of mass destruction as the reason the U.S. opted to use the U.S. National Security Strategy of pre-emption, the invasion and continued occupation of Iraq are still international war crimes for the simple fact that Iraq did nothing against the U.S. prior to its invasion by the U.S. that could justify in international law a preemptive defensive military invasion. In fact pre-emption, the national security strategy put forth by the Bush regime prior to the invasion of Iraq and put against the backdrop of international law is an illegal strategy.

Even when you hold up the new reason for the illegal invasion and continued occupation of Iraq, democracy? There is nothing stated in international law that gives the right to the United States of America or any nation for that matter, that allows for the export of the political system in America or that of any nation to another nation by a military force. So if you as a soldier are still attempting to justify your war crime by convincing yourself you're bringing Liberty to the people of Iraq I beseech you to ask the family members of the hundred thousand Iraqi people you have helped to murder in an international war crime whether or not they feel liberated.

I realize that it is difficult for anyone to admit complicity in such horrific events, to take responsibility for one's own actions in a war crime that you may believe did not begin or originate with you but taking responsibility upon oneself is the cornerstone upon which peaceful human behavior is built. The overwhelming majority of a human being's time on Earth is spent conducting peaceful activities with the intent of causing no harm. This signifies the truest identity of a human being. What you are doing in Iraq is the exact opposite and what you are doing is punishable by law.