As the Bush Regime Falls, What About Iraq, Afghanistan and We The People?

Lloyd Hart
Monday July 14, 2003

With the New York Times publishing in today's paper the "Uranium Quicksand" editorial and with Paul Krugman's op-ed piece "Pattern of Corruption" it looks as though the beginning of the end of the Bush regime is upon us.  Now that the corporate media has gotten what it wanted from the FCC and the Bush regime, it looks as though they are going to attempt to win back the market share they lost to all of us Internet publishers by plagiarizing articles we wrote dealing with the "Pattern of Corruption" we saw from the very beginning of the Bush regime.  But as many will say, better late than never.  I just can't stand the fact we do all research and the work and the analysis and then the corporate media takes credit for it. Oh sour pesticide sprayed grapes.  

The most important question however is not whether or not the Bush regime will be removed from office but what the hell are the liberal elite's going to do with Iraq, Afghanistan and the Global Environmental Crisis that inspired the conservative elite's to steal election 2000, to allow the 911 terrorists to succeed allowing our U.S. military dominated by right wing radicals to stuff their national security strategy of pre-emptive strikes down our throats just so they could go take control of the strategic oil supply in order to, so the thinking goes, Militarily control the Global Environmental Crisis.  Will they maintain the status quo allowing these right-wing radicals to be victorious albeit out of power or will they do the right thing and hand both nations over to the UN and the world's NGOs so that basic services can be reestablished and multinational peace keepers especially those with non European and American faces can help establish a real peace instead of the continued the resource imperialism the so-called developing nations suffer under.  The other question of course is: will these right-wing radicals go peacefully from power or will they use the extreme aspects of the Patriot act and homeland security (not that either are constitutional in any aspect) to stay in power, which is not a stretch considering the radical right wing control of the U.S. military.   

The U.N. has an opportunity at this moment in history to truly become the agency of peace and stability throughout the world that was once envisioned for it. But to do so it must clean out its own resource imperialists from within its ranks.  In order to insure democracy throughout the world the UN must now also foster a comprehensive land reform program that will remove multinational agricultural business corporations from the world's developed farmlands and reinstitute the family farm.  Instituting a policy of food for the homeland first, only allowing exports of food when everyone is fed for the year.  Coupling this policy with a comprehensive Global Marshall Plan to reestablish bio diverse forests and wetlands as a means to regulate moisture over the land and to recharge aquifers that have been drained by corporate farming and over populated cities.  The oceans are now empty of the protein that 80 percent of the population of the world that live along the coastlines sought from them. So it is only timely that we now begin to seek our protein from the inlands and in doing so reestablishing the health of the inland environments that we drained to make our coastal citadels function.  And of course, we must make a concerted effort to reduce the world's human population by creating an ironclad safety net so that the world's population no longer count their personal wealth on the amount of children we have that can take care of us when we're old.  

I have faith that the impact we humans have had on the frail environment of this world can be turned around but will the liberal elite's have the backbone to stand up to the military elite's, the cabal of military contractors and conservative elite's in the energy business and regulate them out of the toxic relationships that we all have created with this beautiful planet we live on? Will the liberal elite's give up their wealth in order to save this planet from the total ecological collapse we're now most definitely in. And the big question is: will the conservative elite's give in to a more reasoned reaction to the Global Environmental Crisis? Maybe, We The People should give them no choice in the matter? These issues are of the most importance to the survival of all life on this planet. Some people might like the idea of the crash of human society but rest assured our crash will insure the crash of all life on this planet.  The remaining stable ecological systems on this planet will not be able to withstand the ensuing chaos that the collapse of the freshwater and food supply are bringing on.  We as human beings must go forward not backward into the feudal hell that consumed and destroyed our forest and wetland habitats in our present and ancient pasts.  This must be the moment in history when humanity finally finds its place within the nature of things on this rare jewel of life in a universe we are yet to truly comprehend.