The Beginning of the End of the American Empire.

Comments of an Extremely Pissed Off Activist.
By Lloyd Hart

Recent events in America have led me to such anger that only white heat could described the emotion from which I have just momentarily returned thanks to my mother who taught me the importance of meditation in daily life practice.

From the suborning of five supreme court justices who "hijacked election 2000, to all the radical right wing appointments, to the massive tax cut for the rich, to the complete unilateral international positions removed from any vague notions of sanity, to the mad dash into war, taking advantage of the populationís shock over the events of September 11th. , to the corporate media quashing any dissent of this "new kind of war" same as the old war, are all enough to make any democratically minded individual come to grips with the fact that we have not been living in a democracy all these years. But rather, a feudal system based in commerce that ruthlessly drove our foreign policy to take control of and then have our nation consume 40%  of the worldís resources while we only represent  5% of the worldís population. Letís call it what it is, America is a feudal Empire bent on world domination that has made all kinds of enemies whoís tool too strike back is poor manís war, terror.

To quote Chalmers Johnsonís recently published book "Blowback" and his recent public statements, the CIA and now some intellectuals, would describe the attacks on the US on September 11th as blowback from the activities of US foreign policy. Reactions that with creative thought in mind, could be calculated and therefore avoided. But once you go deeper into these areas of US foreign policy you realize that the US military and intelligence community in reality have no interest in avoiding blowback. The simple reason for this is that weapons sales are an inherent part of the equation that is quite regularly calculated by what President Eisenhower called the "Military Industrial Complex". A recent blatant prime example of this behavior was the selling of weapons into both sides of the Iran /Iraq war by the Reagan administration in the 1980s. A conflict that is interesting for the simple fact it was isolated from the cold war, considering that the US and the Soviets sold weapons to both Iran and Iraq. The long term plan of maintaining a military footing in the Middle East to keep the flow of cheap oil into the American and pro American, European and Japanese economies has been the greater economic reasoning behind not wanting to avoid blowback.

As with the present moment in the American Empire, the British and the Roman Empires suffered constant blowback to the point that both these empires have been pushed militarily and governmentally almost completely back within their own borders. With the British maintaining small holdings not quite completely ready to let go of. In the sacking of Rome by the northern European Tribes, Rome suffered the same humiliation that America is attempting to recover from now. I believe these moments in history to be similar because America is presently loosing its influence world wide. For the British Empire, Mahatma Ghandi was probably the most troublesome form of blowback because he did not utilize violence as a tool to gain the same objectives that Osama Bin Laden seeks,  an empireís exit from his realm of influence. Ghandi also properly analyzed the state of the mind in the voting public within Great Britain and formed strong alliances within Britainís borders. But unfortunately, I feel, that had America been the empire with military control over India, Mahatma Ghandi may have been assasinated much earlier in his effort.

It is my assertion that America will not recover from the September 11th  attacks and that over time will fall into the same self loathing that both the Roman and British Empires fell into. When your nation stateís behavior is largely based on the manipulation of much weaker nations natural and human resources with direct damaging consequences to the majority of the weaker nations populations and environment,  it is only a matter of time, rightly or wrongly, before your nation will take the hits that will completely remove the resolve within your nations population to continue on the destructive path it has been following.

With the world food and water supply now collapsing as a result the removal of the moisture regulating forests for the sake of radical agrarian land use and the manufacture of paper, the emptying of the seas for protein the forests would have been glad to supply, and the dumping of chemicals and aerosol particulates into the atmosphere weakening the ozone and creating global warming, 50% of the worldís population is now on the verge of starvation. With this greater global threat looming, American imperialism is going to be impossible to maintain without the use of excessive force and putting the weaker nations in jeopardy of complete collapse. Will the American population have the will to maintain their present level of greed? For the time being the evidence is clear. The corporate media in the US to date have not reported the facts on the ground in Guatemala, an official US client state, that have been reported on Canadian television weeks prior to the sept. 11th  attacks, concerning the 400 men, women and children, mostly children that have starved to death or reported on the 1.5 million that are about to or shown the images of starvation bloated children to be found through out the country side. This is not a story that was simply bumped as a result of current events. It is a story that has been developing for hundreds of years under the radically violent oppression of European and American imperialism.

As starvation sets in throughout the collection of weaker nations what will we do? Will we maintain, pull back within our own borders in an attempt to save our own necks or will we finally admit our vision of the world has completely failed and cannot possibly be continued any further.

And of course, the last thing we need right now is a radical right wing government celebrating all American imperialism, completely ignoring the most important issues of our time and deflecting their failure as a government by capitalizing with ultra opportunistic zeal on the monumental sense of loss and vulnerability the American population now feels.  It is my belief that chasing after terrorists and bombing poor nations can only lead to a more violent and tragic fall for our wounded and bleeding empire.

As a final comment please find my meager solutions

Let us come together and provide the American Empire a soft landing. Let us pay $60 a barrel for oil. Let us force our corporations to give up control of all the prime farmland in our client nation states. Let us halt petroleum economics in the weaker nations by providing alternative energy supply independence at no cost to them. Let us replant the forests we stole from them in the name of god. And let us break bread with our enemies and beg for forgiveness for our trespasses.